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  • Control the security of your smartphone to avoid viruses and hackers
    Smartphones are now the most in-demand device that people are using in any part of the world. It is like a mini-computer created to easily access the internet and take it anywhere. It's the handiest gadget that technology has now. All the applications you need may be installed on your smartphone. The only thing that you need to look for closely is how safe your applications are on your device.
    Control the security of your smartphone to avoid viruses and hackers Nextg
    Nextg on Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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    Mobile security is the protection of our smartphones from threats since more applications and personal details are normally attached to them. Security measures are being developed and applied to secure your mobile phones from viruses and hackers who are trying to steal your belongings from you.

    4 main security issues you need to check on your smartphone

    1.Virus protection: Smartphones, like computers, are vulnerable to viruses and hackers.

    2.Smartphone privacy: You need to maintain your privacy policy on your phone to avoid hacking.

    3.Phone security: your smartphone serves as a digital wallet, and that is why thieves would like to get it from you.

    4.Personal data collection: Apps and your phone itself have important information about you, so make sure that it is controlled by you.

    Security tips for your smartphone

    �Ensure that your screen is always locked. The most recommended lock is the fingerprint scanner because each individual has a unique fingerprint, but if your phone doesn't have it, use other types like face recognition, PIN codes, passwords, and unlock patterns.

    �Always keep your phone's software up to date. Keep track of OS upgrades to avoid issues with your smartphone's security because of is outdated.

    �Make Secure Passwords. Don't use guessable passwords such as birthdays, surnames, names, and dates. Try to combine capital letters, symbols, and numbers.

    �Passwords should never be reused. Don't create a password that you have already used in the past, especially for mobile banking apps. Your password should be unique and different from your previous passwords.

    �Personal log-ins and payment information should not be saved on your phone. Even though it is convenient to just save and remember passwords on your mobile apps, it is not advisable, especially if you are using a web browser, as this is where most common hackers get details.

    �Apps should only be downloaded from trusted sources. Do not just download any third-party software to avoid viruses on your smartphone.

    �Install and use an anti-virus on your smartphone. Carefully choose the antivirus app you will download. Look for the most trusted antivirus system that has been used on computers.

    �Consider using a VPN and be watchful when connecting to public wi-fi. Stay away from unsecured public networks and use a VPN to hide your IP address.

    �Avoid using cloud storage and enabling remote data wiping. Remote data wiping is great to use just in case you lose your phone. It automatically deletes your phone data and information. Cloud services sync information on your Google Drive, where most hackers use Google to get information.

    Once you have a new smartphone, make sure to check your phone's security settings and always remember that there are hackers that might access your information at any time, so being careful is the best thing you can do.

    Choose the best plan for your smartphone and bring out the features that will keep it secure at all times. We have great offers for your smartphone needs. Kindly check our website and start securing your network with us.


    Visit: https://www.nextelle.net

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