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    Android Google comes from the tech giant Google LLC. This is the most widely used operating system, it is the highest-selling mobile operating system nowadays. A wide range of devices run on this OS including smartphones, tablets, watches, audio players, TVs and PCs.
    Latest Google Android on your Smartphones Nextg
    Nextg on Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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    Google named Android after "sweet treats" but in 2019 they started launching Android as Android 10.  Google Android as of today, have been 18 versions of Android. The most recent is the Android 12 operating system which some smartphones don't have yet. Based on Google, this is the biggest design change in Android's history. 

    When downloading apps on an Android device you can download it with Google Play, it is the safest and easiest way to get Android apps. You can download any kind of program like media, games, and products you're looking for.

    Advantages of Google Android

    * Android is an open-source platform allowing UI customization

    * Supports cloud storage and sync device to G-account

    * Allows 3rd party widget and information display on screen 

    * Provides multiple apps running

    * Expandable memory and run-on large devices

    * More devices to choose from

    We always use our smartphones every day, its either for work or personal use. Being an android user gives us the freedom to customize our mobile phone interface, you can change it based on your personality, and on how you can conveniently use the apps installed on it. These features are made by Google Android to let us discover our phone much better and more usable for us. 

    Additional Features on latest Google Android 12

    o Refresh UI - called Material You or improves camera, color extraction, in-screen o fingerprint sensor. 


    o Privacy and security - the center of the android 12 update is to make sure that apps and the phone are getting the privacy settings enabled.

    o Hibernation - it means that any apps rarely use remove its permissions and space and just simply restore if needed. 

    o Built in remote - use smartphone as a remote for your tv 

    o Car-key enable - allows to unlock, lock or start engine from your smartphone to your compatible smart car

    o Reduces CPU time needed - make your device faster and more responsive

    With the continues improvement of our technology, everyday seems to be different yet it helps us be more knowledgeable in using latest devices.  

    Want to switch to Android? Let us help you get one of the latest google android smartphone. Come and let's sign you up!

    Just visit https://www.nextelle.net

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