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  • Multiple Cameras Brings out your Best Photo
    Multiple cameras mean improving the quality of a picture and the functionality of optical zoom. Most smartphones have additional cameras for increasing light sensitivity and other phones offer depth information.
    Multiple Cameras Brings out your Best Photo Nextg
    Nextg on Wednesday, November 15, 2023
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    In searching for a smartphone, one of the most important features we are taking into consideration is checking the quality of the camera, sometimes we tend to get a phone with multiple cameras to bring out the best photo shot. 

    Types of Cameras in Smartphone

    *  Dual Camera - it could be a combination of wide and monochrome where pictures will have better color and much detailed. Some dual camera also has wide and ultrawide combination. 

    *  Triple Camera - triple camera setup consists of a wide-angle camera together with a telephoto camera and an ultra-wide-angle camera 

    *  Quad camera - macro camera is mostly found on phones with four cameras to add more novelty and to have color sensors.

    Once you have chosen if what kind of camera you have on your smartphone, let us now know what is the use of the multi cameras installed to your phone so you can maximize the use of it.

    Types of Camera Sensor and their Use on your smartphone

    1.Standard Camera - captures the image naturally with no enhanced effects or settings

    2.Depth sensor Camera - portrait mode of camera where the background is just blurred

    3.Ultra-wide Sensor Camera - captures the image at a wide-angle if the image is too large to fit in single frame

    4.Telephoto Sensor Camera - camera zoom in like telescope and capture an image without losing the clarity of the photo. 

    5.Macro Sensor Camera - bring the tiny or small objects closer and magnifying the objects with great details and sharpness

    6.Monochrome Sensor Camera - give you sharp images and provides contrast to the images.

    After knowing the camera installed on your smartphone, let's take a look how multiple cameras on a phone be beneficial for you.

    Benefits of Multiple Cameras on a Smartphone

    *  Easy to use for photography
    *Sharing Photos is Easy
    *  Smartphones are smaller than digital cameras
    *  Can edit photos anytime and anywhere
    *  Better for Selfies
    *Can do things from the normal camera features

    Indeed, smartphones nowadays have multiple cameras to improve the photographic capabilities of smartphones and keep the phone as thin as possible while keeping the quality of a photo.

    Get NextG Wireless and enjoy taking photos using multiple cameras!!

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