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Unified Communications

Unified Phone System


Stay Connected & Informed anytime, anywhere

Stay up-to-date with the latest company information anywhere, 24/7 if needed

  • Voicemail management
  • Teleconferencing via mobile, office line, or VoIP
  • Social collaboration, including with virtual assistants
  • File sharing and screen sharing options
  • Video conferencing
  • SMS messaging and live chat
  • Virtual meeting capabilities
  • Better customer service with multiple contact points
  • Increased efficiency with a central hub for all communications
  • Better scalability and agility with adaptable solutions
  • Reliability with external server hosting
  • Easier remote working with cloud-hosted communication
  • Increased security with encrypted sensitive data


What’s included in a unified communications approach?

An ideal unified communications solution delivers a single application, available on any device, that would include features like:

  • Video,
  • Softphone,
  • Screen sharing,
  • Dynamic and persistent chat channels,
  • Rich employee profiles,
  • Document management.


The advantages of a small business telephone system in a Business

  • No matter what your small business does, voice communication is a critical element of success.
  • Your employees need a secure way to communicate with customers, contact prospective clients and conduct business.
  • Installing a dedicated small telephone system or PBX in your business can provide a number of important competitive advantages for your company.


The business end of our network

We know businesses need to stay connected, that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering reliable, lightning-fast speeds. We believe every organisation should have access to affordable, high-speed broadband, no matter where they are, and it’s our mission to make that a reality.

What is UCaaS?
There’s no one best way to communicate with staff, clients, and contacts. Modern businesspeople have to stay in touch via a whole host of different channels and on an array of different devices. Switching between and organising those channels and devices can often be confusing. Especially if some of your team are on-premises and others are remote. It always takes up valuable time.

In short, it’s a solution to those issues. With unified communications solutions, you can bring all your communications under one umbrella. No longer will you need to waste precious time switching between programs or apps. You can call via VoIP, video conference, fax, and more, all in one place.

Enterprise Communications as a Service
As a busy professional, you have multiple pulls on your time and attention. You need to reach and stay in touch with a wide array of people. That means using voice calls, emails, text, and instant messages. It’s easy for communication to get fragmented. That can mean important messages or conversations fall through the cracks.

UCaaS is a way to avoid that confusion and inefficiency by providing a single communication solution. Having one vendor handle all your communications lets you stay on top of all your business needs.



  • Provides access to e-mail, voicemail, fax, calendars, and contacts in a unified inbox from a variety of clients and devices.
  • Enables real-time availability status of employees to be displayed to enable users to contacts the right person the first time using the best communication method
  • Is the capability to transfer text messages in real time over the internet or a corporate network
  • Provides a virtual meeting experience allowing groups of people in diverse locations to interact and collaborate whether ad-hoc or pre-scheduled
  • Enables voice communication over an IP network and is considered the next generation of voice communication that also helps reduce operational costs.


How Your Business Can Benefit from UCaaS

Features of a Unified Communications System

Calling & Mobility
A flexible, mobile, and robust cloud phone system. Install the UCaaS app and get top-line call handling features like Call Flip and call forwarding.

Meetings & Conferencing
Easily schedule and run business meetings and video conferences. With one click or tap, you can get HD-quality video conferencing from any device.

Team Collaboration
Share files, group edit documents in real-time, and schedule smaller group meetings. Simplify team management and improve communication using one UCaaS interface.

Intuitive Interface
The app is for mobile and desktop. Whatever device you use, you can access the tools you need from an intuitive and easy to navigate interface.

Advanced Administration
Track and manage your communications with ease. Cloud PBX, call recording, call routing, and many other features make it simple to stay on top of things.

Business App Integrations
Integrate Google and Microsoft software with our solution, to expand its functions. Schedule meetings, connect support staff in your contact center, and perform other tasks all from one communications platform.

Easy to Understand & Affordable Pricing
Stop paying for each of your communication tools separately. With Nextelle as your UCaaS providers you pay one bill every month to access all your existing tools. It’s a cheaper, simpler alternative.

Never worry about people stealing your data. Define the roles and permissions of different users of your UCaaS platforms to keep control of critical information and protect your systems.